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Join our project «moor» from «Columbus Plus” and you will have a real opportunity to buy tickets online routes Ukraine-Germany-Ukraine at really low fares on the bus.

“also” is the project for the sale of transport tickets on the territory of Germany in Ukraine and throughout Europe.

the Cost of tickets for the participants of the project “Ticket  Plus a" carrier "Columbus Plus” at special price of the cost of the tickets will get the opportunity to travel by bus with minimal cost.

this summer, Travel economically, comfortably, quickly on the project «moor» from Germany to Ukraine at a really low price.

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                                                                               destinations                a New direction Poland


Kiev-Berlin Kiev-Dresden Zhitomir-Trier Kiev-Hanover Kiev-Wroclaw Lviv-Krakow
Zhytomyr-Leipzig Lviv-Trier Kassel-Kiev Zhitomir-Koblenz Exactly-Krakow Zhitomir-wrocław
lions-Kassel Kiev-Dortmund Exactly-Leipzig Lviv-Leipzig Rivne-Wroclaw Kiev-Katowice
Kiev-Trier Kiev-Kassel Lviv-Hamburg Exactly-Koblenz Kiev-Krakow Zhitomir-Krakow
Exactly-Kassel Kiev-Leipzig Exactly-Erfurt Zhytomyr-Erfurt Kiev-Wroclaw Lviv-Wroclaw  


“KOLUMB” guarantees to its passengers a high SPEED of travel, comfort, sustainability and efficiency of travel in our buses.

For our passengers, "KOLUMB” has developed its OWN system of booking and purchasing online tickets for attractive bus routes.

Presutti "KOLUMB” to Sites, All transport services for many years to talk about the Credibility of Our Company.

Additional services

To Germany in the same breath

You need a dependable carrier on the territory of Ukraine and CIS countries? A professional company provides KOLUMB international bus that provide passenger transport in Germany and Germany to Ukraine. Properly laid out routes allow passengers from Kiev, Lviv, Rivne and Zhytomyr fast connections to most major German cities, and bus routes from Germany to Ukraine – to return. Due to the pleasant service on our website, book your ticket on the bus without leaving your home. As an example, bus Germany you can order for 3 minutes.

the Convenience of customers is the main goal of the company KOLUMB

To achieve this, our site is available for specified bus schedules, ticket price. Users of the online service can not only order, for example, bus to Germany from Kiev, and immediately book a ticket on the bus Germany – Ukraine. The friendly staff will create all necessary conditions for passengers during shipping from Germany to Ukraine. In addition, using online booking bus tickets, customers are involved in lucrative promotional offers. "Ticket Plus" allows you to travel at significant discounts.

Our advantages:

direct flights

- the stability and regularity of travel;

- opportunity to buy a bus ticket online (Ukraine – Germany and back);

- safe Luggage delivery of documents and parcels;

accompanying the international bus insurance services and transfers;


Order ticket Ukraine - Germany or Germany – Ukraine online is all you need for a comfortable journey. And qualified employees of the company KOLUMB will make it safe and enjoyable for you.